Credit Recovery

A Decade of Excellence by MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited.

MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited has emerged as a distinguished entity in the credit recovery landscape of Bangladesh since its inception in 2012. Over the past decade, the company has specialized in the precise collection of debts from diverse financial institutions, with a focus on enhancing financial flexibility for the parties involved. This essay explores the key aspects of credit recovery and the transformative journey of MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited in providing efficient credit and risk solution services Credit & Collection Service Limited stands as a beacon of excellence in the credit recovery landscape of Bangladesh. With a decade of specialized experience, a professional and motivated team, and a strategic vision for the future, the company continues to evolve, providing comprehensive credit and risk solutions for financial institutions operating in the dynamic economic environment of Bangladesh.

We Provide

Expertise in Debt Collection

With a decade of expertise, MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited excels in the meticulous collection of credits from diverse bank clients. Their proficiency extends to handling varied debt portfolios, solidifying their reputation as a reliable partner for financial institutions in search of effective and tailored credit recovery solutions.

Navigating Financial Uncertainties

Recognizing the uncertainties in financial institutes, MSI strategically focuses on adapting to and navigating through the challenges posed by the ever-changing economic landscape. This adaptive approach ensures the company’s resilience and effectiveness in recovering debts despite financial fluctuations.

Professional and Motivated Team

MSI’s strength resides in its team of seasoned and motivated professionals possessing a keen awareness of economic conditions. This expertise positions them to adeptly navigate the complexities of credit recovery. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is a pivotal factor contributing significantly to the overall success and effectiveness of the company.

Credit Risk Management Solutions

MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited prioritizes delivering comprehensive credit risk management solutions to local and international financial institutions in Bangladesh. Through a holistic approach, the company effectively mitigates risks and optimizes the credit recovery process, ensuring strategic and efficient solutions for its clients in the dynamic financial landscape.

Evolution into a corporate enterprise

Beyond its roots in debt collection, MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited is undergoing a transformative phase. The company is evolving into a corporate enterprise with a broader vision to provide efficient credit and risk solution services. This strategic shift reflects a commitment to long-term sustainability and growth.

Role in Enhancing Financial Flexibility

MSI plays a crucial role in enhancing financial flexibility for all parties involved, including financial institutions and their esteemed clients. By recovering debts in a systematic and efficient manner, the company contributes to the overall financial health of the institutions it serves, fostering a positive economic environment.

Geographic Presence

Operating from its headquarters in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, MSI has strategically positioned branches across the country. With divisions in Chittagong, Rangpur, Sylhet, and Khulna, the company ensures a nationwide presence, catering to the diverse needs of clients and debt recovery across different regions.

Verification and Recovery Focus

Presently immersed in verification and recovery processes, MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited employs a meticulous approach to ensure accuracy and efficiency in its operations. By combining verification procedures with recovery efforts, the company aims to streamline the credit recovery cycle.