Debt Collection

Top-Rated Debt Collection Agency in Bangladesh.

Debt Collection is a time-consuming process and has become a specialized field. Our success lies in continuous follow-up procedure that causes immense pressure and responsibility upon the debtor to acknowledge liability and ultimately settle the debt. Persistence is our trademark. There are two basic collection phases used namely our standard collection and legal collection.

All accounts follow the standard collections phase and should get paid by the completion of this phase. However, should the debt still be unpaid the debt will follow into the legal collections phase.

After registering the debt on our database we start with an intensive strategy containing the following: letters, telephone calls, faxes, personal visits, enquires interviews, and any other way of personal contact. During this phase, the whereabouts of the debtor will be traced, confirmed, and updated.

A payment plan will be negotiated and the financial position of the debtor established.

Ultimately, settlement of the account. Should this not be the case the next phase of Debt Collection could follow?

MSI Service Limited.

We provide the following support services for the collection unit for smooth portfolio management.

Skip Tracing Through visits
Collection through Field visit
Recovery from non performing Account
Settlement of Hypothecated Assets
Asset Foreclosure Sale
Maintenance of remedial portfolio

Services to be provided in future

Credit Application Scoring/ Credit Rating.

Behavioral Scoring based Collection Support Services.

Independent Credit rating (Individual).

Credit Application & Behavioral Analysis

Debt Retail loan(Personal & Credit Card) Collection
Secured Finance & Mortgage(Home/Car Loan) Collection
Factoring Loan Collection
Corporate Loan Collection
Syndication Loan Collection

Three classifications of Loans

Overdue account

Waiting for payment for 30 days.


Long overdue account

Waiting for payment for 60 days.

Bad debt accounts

Overdue for 90 days or longer.

When is the right time to hand over accounts?

Generally, if an account is 90 days or over on that point, most creditors have already broken the terms and conditions of the credit granted and the relationship has soured. By now, the debtor has received all statements and letters and the creditors have also expressed their concern lack of response for payment.

Why use a collection agency?

It is proven that, at the second a collection agency gets involved the debtor knows that collection of payment has now become a reality and priority and the sooner he pays the lesser the pressure. Research has shown that-

  •   The Longer Account is Outstanding.
  •   The Higher Risk and Chances of Non-Recovery.

Our Requirements

We Need Proof That The Debt is Valid by Means of The Following


Detailed copies of invoices, statements, C.O.D. invoices, and delivery notes.

Agreement copy, bank statements or any other written acceptance of the agreement between the client and the debtor.


We require any contact information regarding the debtor whether old or new.

We need the following

As per The Agreement

Capital Amount


Added Fees

 Service Date

Payment Schedule

All credits be applied