Loan Application Assessment


MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited emerges as a reliable partner for financial institutions seeking a comprehensive loan application assessment. With a decade of specialized experience, strategic presence, and a meticulous verification process, we facilitate the underwriting process, promoting financial stability and confidence in lending institutions across Bangladesh.

Our Approach

Decade of Expertise

Leveraging a decade of expertise, MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited has stood as a distinguished entity in Bangladesh’s credit recovery landscape since 2012. Our specialized focus on precise debt collection from diverse financial institutions ensures a proven track record in loan recovery.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Acknowledging prevailing economic conditions, our paramount goal is to deliver comprehensive credit risk management solutions to both local and international financial institutions operating in Bangladesh. We are immersed in verification and recovery, transforming into a corporate enterprise providing efficient credit and risk solutions.

Meticulous Collection Excellence

Our team excels in the meticulous collection of credits from bank clients. With seasoned and motivated professionals, we navigate uncertainties in global financial institutes to enhance financial flexibility for parties, institutions, and clients.

Strategic Nationwide Presence

Operating from Dhaka, our established headquarters, we strategically position branches in key regions: Chittagong Division, Rangpur Division, Sylhet Division, and Khulna Division. This strategic presence ensures localized expertise for diverse economic landscapes.

Document Verification Expertise

We verify valid documents accompanying loan applications, such as guarantor details, references, letters of introduction, bank statements, education certificates, memorandum of articles/partnership deeds, quotations, TIN certificates, trade licenses, police verification, signature verification, and rental income verification.

Application Verification Protocols

Our meticulous approach involves personal visits, telephone calls, and doorstep verifications to verify key information provided in loan applications. This includes phone number, business/office address, and residence address/status verification, ensuring the authenticity of applicant details.

Support Services for Underwriting

MSI Credit & Collection Service Limited offers crucial support services for various financial institutions, ensuring smooth underwriting of credit facilities. Our services encompass thorough verification processes, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of information crucial to the underwriting decision-making process.

Assessment for Credit Worthiness

Beyond document verification, MSI Credit & Collections Service Limited assesses creditworthiness by verifying business status, nature of the business, premises condition, and storage facilities. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough understanding of the client’s capabilities and quality, contributing to informed lending decisions.