100% Credit Recovery

Premier Risk Management

8 Branches

235+ Employees

100% Credit Recovery

Premier Risk Management

8 Branches

235+ Employees

Why Choose MSI?

MSI Service Limited was established under the expertise and guidance of industry leaders, shaping the forefront of the credit recovery sector in Bangladesh. Our collection recovery team comprises of seasoned professionals and fresh talent, creating a dynamic blend for a dedicated and goal-oriented approach to Recovery/Verification. We have 24/7 all of Bangladesh’s work capability.

Affiliation and Registration

MSI is officially registered and operates under the jurisdiction and oversight of the Dhaka City Corporation as an accredited commissioning agent. Our registration took place during the tenure of the previous City Corporation administration in Dhaka. We hold a valid Certificate of Incorporation, further affirming our compliance with regulatory requirements and commitment to transparency in our operations.


Our mission is to recover funds from clients swiftly and amicably, avoiding legal resource due to its time-consuming and costly nature. Loan defaulter is viewed as a civil offense, ensuring a client-friendly approach. Time sensitivity is paramount, and we prioritize prompt action in the collection process. Our repayment programs adhere to local laws, closely monitored by our team. We engage in regular, constructive conversations with defaulters through our follow-up team to prevent additional complications.


Since our inception, we aspire to be the premier credit risk management agency in Bangladesh, excelling in:

  1. Fastest Service.
  2. Quality in Service.
  3. Follow Up.
  4. Confidentiality.
  5. Turnaround time.
  6. Coverage.
  7. Case studies.
  8. End-to-end service.

Our Values

MSI Service Limited strongly upholds its value system which consists of the following values.


MSI Service Limited maintains utmost professionalism in every activity, eliminating personal judgment. A vigilant team of watch dogs ensures constant oversight, upholding a standard of excellence and accountability among our staff.


The confidentiality of the client and the information received or handled for the client must not be breached at any cost. There must not be any act by MSI Service Limited. officers and staffs which may be deemed as undependable.


Our team embodies dedication, channeling unwavering efforts toward achieving targets. Simultaneously, we prioritize and uphold a responsible attitude among our team players, fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.


Our services guarantee proficiency, delivering results with client-approved accuracy and adhering strictly to agreed timelines. We uphold unwavering standards, ensuring no deviation from the established benchmarks is acceptable.


We cultivate a collaborative ethos, actively involving colleagues and stakeholders to attain shared objectives. Delivering superior outcomes is our commitment, achieved through synergized expertise and collective endeavor, ensuring a harmonious work environment and successful project outcomes.


We foster innovation by actively encouraging and nurturing creativity. Our environment promotes the exploration of new ideas, empowering individuals to think outside the box and contribute groundbreaking solutions.